Giovan aka 'G' shares his life experiences having been dropped in the foster care system, thrown in the juvenile justice system and held captive by the mental health system. He triumphed out of the adversity and lives to share the lessons learned with teens and adults in all walks of life. 


Schools, Colleges & Youth Programs

"The Awesome Sauce Boss"

Giovan makes the personal connection with children, teens and in-betweens in a way that's funny, honest and motivating. 

Topics Covered 

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Conquering the "Fear of Failure"
  • Identifying who YOU are 
  • Making Progress on Purpose 
  • Focusing On & Achieving Your Goals
  • Being a Positive Influence
Giovan is an intelligent, insightful and dynamic speaker; he not only appeals to the listeners intellect but also to their heart!
— Jennifer L Kinzie, MS LMHC


Keynote Speeches 

Giovan shares his incredibly inspiring journey of triumphing over the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his past. He confides on how he developed himself into an agent of positive change. His story brings tears of joy, bouts of laughter and the realization that we all have the opportunity and the responsibility to find, pursue and achieve our purpose in life. 

You are truly an inspiration to everyone you meet. We were all moved by your story.
— Kim Pimpkin, President, Georgia Juvenile Services Association


Conferences, Symposiums & Panels 

"Label me Human"

Giovan educates with his empirical knowledge on the foster care, juvenile justice and mental health systems. He employs fun exercises to convey his message and galvanize his audience to action.

Topics Covered 

  • Stigmas Hurt - Destigmatizing the Foster Care, Juvenile  Justice  and Mental Health systems
  • Hug me, don't Drug me - Evidence Based Alternatives to  over-medicating
  • Encouraging Self-Identity - Proven Methods to help young  people define themselves
  • Every Kid is an Individual - Holistic Approaches to helping  young people navigate life
As Assistant Professor of Public Health at Temple University, Giovan presented before my students on multiple occasions. He was such an insightful experienced speaker on youth advocacy and policy, students requested his return each semester. I highly recommend Mr. Bazan as Keynote Speaker for your next engagement.
— Mike F. Weaver, DrPH


Advocacy & Legislation

Giovan utilizes his life experiences as a catalyst for change. He speaks out about what works, what doesn't work and what needs to be improved as it pertains to youth related issues. His delivery resounds with adults all over, and gives a voice to countless youth.

Giovan is both a prolific speaker and agent for change. Knowing him personally and professionally he has dedicated his life to inciting positivity in the lives of young people and adults the world over.
— TJ Phipps, University of South Carolina, Student & Entreprenuer