Giovan was thrown into foster care when he was just a baby. He was abused, neglected and abandoned. At 6 years old he was labeled as a problem child, diagnosed with a slew of mental disorders and forced to take a cocktail of medications. At 12 he began running away, contemplating suicide often. Over the next several years he was bounced around the state, living in juvenile detention centers, children shelters, and group homes. When he turned 18 years old, he realized he couldn't change his past but he was in charge of his future. He decided to turn his mess into a message and use his childhood adversity to help motivate people to pursue their purpose


He has spoken Internationally to thousands of youth and adults from teens in middle and high schools to personnel with the White House


He’s been featured on CNN Dialogues, Canada's CBC and consulted with major media outlets like ABC's World News Tonight


He has spent years advocating for Social Justice, reforming Public Policy, and improving Youth-Related Legislation


He is considered an expert in helping children, youth and adults believe in their ability to overcome adversity, and to use the obstacles in their past to propel them into their purpose in life.


He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. He is currently studying Psychology at Lake Michigan College.